Diverseal’s Sanitizer A70 (Disinfectant Alcohol 70%)

Diverseal’s Sanitizer A70 (Disinfectant Alcohol 70%)

Diverseal’s Sanitizer A70 (Disinfectant Alcohol 70%)(Dettol)

Diverseal’s Sanitizer A70 is our surface sanitizer which contains the 70% of Alcohol which can kill the bacteria instantly after apply.

With our unique formulation without any artificial dye or fragrance, your surface are kept clean and fresh through a non-stick formulation.

Active Ingredient : +/- 70% of Alcohol

Benefit :

– Kill Bacteria On Contact
Bacteria on the surface will be kill within 5 second after the disinfectant process

– Dye & Fragrance Free
No any artificial dye (Color) or fragrance is using in our product

– Rinse-Free
No need wash/clean again with water after spray it on any surface

– Non-Sticky
Your surface wont feel sticky/oily after the disinfectant process.

– Quick-Drying
Your surface will be dried within 15 second after spray.

Direction :
Spray it on any surfaced affected, wipe of off with cloths/tissue until the surface is dry and clean.

Caution :
This is for surface sanitizing and cleaning only
Store below 30℃. Flammable. For external use only.
Keep out of reach of children. For children 6 years and below, use with supervision.
In case of eye contact, flush thoroughly with water and seek medical advice.

Packaging : ± 500ml/bottle (Sprayer Gun)

Bulk Purchase/Bulk Packing are welcome to contact us at 013-290 2828

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